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Gorgeous art made for me~ Thank you all so much <3

❤ S h a n n o n ❤

❤️• :iconjaidyn-fang-trap::iconshgurr: •❤️

♫❤️♪Thank you
I’m glad that you’re here, No matter the time, I can always smile
No matter how many years pass while we’re away from each other – Nothing will have changed
We’re Best Friends, I love you, I really love you
I’m sorry for waiting so long to say this...I was driven into a corner alone
When I hear your faint voice I felt like I could make it
I can tell you anything, Even things I can’t tell my mom
You understand better than anyone, When I’m happy you’re just as happy for me And you’re the one to scold me when I’m wrong
Thank you, I’m glad that you’re here
No matter the time, I can always smile
No matter how many years pass while we’re away from each other – Nothing will have changed
We’re Best Friends, I love you, I really love you
You know straightaway when I tried being strong, You’re the first to send me a caring emails
That have saved me so many times, When I feel like crying, you said “Go ahead and cry”
Because you’d be at my side, My greatest ally
I wonder if there’s anything I can do for someone like you?
When I figure it out I’ll race over to you,
I promise, Thank you
I’m glad that you’re here, No matter the time I can always smile
No matter how many years pass while we’re away from each other – Nothing will have changed
We’re Best Friends, I love you, I really love you
I’ll always be praying
I want you to be the happiest person in the world
Thank you, I’m glad that you’re here
No matter the time, I can always smile
No matter how many years pass while we’re away from each other – Nothing will have changed
We’re Best Friends, I love you, I really love you♪❤️♫

Okay so this will be updated with more love now and then but,
Oh my god
Okay so I love you so much omggg
Where the heck do I even,,

I've been watching your channel for a bit over a year. You were always such an inspiration and I've always wanted to tell you that I've always loved your work and how much you've made me happy, without even talking to you.
I found your deviantart and i never thought you were sad. I thought you always were happy because of all your subscribers and kind comments but..
You have so many feelings and your so sensitive you shouldn't be treated like just someone who is famous, you got more then just that. You got feelings, heart, emotions...
Just like us all. When you were in your darker times,, I didn't want to see someone I loved watching down. You sent me your skype and I was astonished. I never thought you'd talk to a little shit like me. I kept messaging you..i felt like such an annoying bother..but I did it because I didn't want you to one day stop replying all-together. SO I kept messaging you, I told you that you mattered..I kept telling you I really cared, and I honestly do. I kept saying you inspire so many people, and lots of people love you for you, like real life people, and me! Even though I felt annoying and like a stupid bother..I just..needed to tell you everyday I loved you and cared.

You don't care about fame you just want people to love you for YOU..a lot of people love you for fame, a lot of people love you for your art, but I love you for YOU. I want to help you, and I want to keep you happy. I want to make sure your safe, and I want to draw you things, and just make you feel special, and make you feel like a real person because THATS WHAT YOU ARE~!

Your a real person behind a screen who wants to be accepted like everyone else. I praise and love you so muhhhhchhh
I will never judge you for anything you do
You like trump? Awesome.
You like anime? Awesome.
You being you is just awesome in general! And that's all you should be, is you! ❤️
Every time I get a message from you I just kinda scream to myself like "omg someone actually accepts me and loves me"
I feel that way about a few people..that includes:
I just love you and all those people so much I always love to message you guys and I love knowing your all real people it just..make me feel so reassured and loved...Shannon, your personality is sparkling and your art is astonishing, along with your animations! You always do your best and always want to try!! I love your confidence, but at times it's really, really low. I want to make sure your confidence is rAISED HIGHER THEN MOUNT EVEREST!!!!
Cuz ily
Aaaaaaaa you make me so happy, and you never need to actually do anything for me but you do it anyway, and knowing you put time and effort into things for me makes me feel loved, important, and special, and it makes me want to help you feel the same.
I want to love and help you as much as I can!!!
You should put your face in the internet more youR SO PRETTY I've barely seen your face, but your gorgeous ;v;;

Ily Shannon, okay????
Stay happy and strong <33


♥♥Art Status♥♥

F2U - Pixel Wing - Black Version - Flipped by vvhiskers Commissions - OPEN by PrinceProcrastinate F2U - Pixel Wing - Black Version by vvhiskers
F2U - Pixel Wing - Black Version - Flipped by vvhiskers Art Trades - OPEN by PrinceProcrastinate F2U - Pixel Wing - Black Version by vvhiskers
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Hi, I'm Jaidyn~ If you're not on my friends list please refer to me as 'Fang'. I prefer that<3 Thank you~~

I love anime and art, And I'm trying to improve every day! Feel free to critique my art (Constructively please!), besides, that's what his site is for, is it not? Posting art and getting feedback to improve! <3
I love Anime, Furries, and My Little Pony! I don't necessarily watch the show...but I adore the characters.
I will talk to you if you're nice to me. I will return your kindness as best as I can <3
I love music and streaming..And I love talking to people while I stream, so don't be afraid to come say hello!

To all those who find me an inspiration, I want to say thank you- I'm not too inspiring, honestly, I don't know HOW I am..but thank you all<3
Your all so supportive and it makes me so happy~ Thank you!

Some Videos From My Channel!



both are by the amazing :iconsoph-arts:

by me-

Bootyful Stuffs<3<3

Just some gorgeous art that others made me <3

[ Doodles ] Jaidyn's OCs by Soph-arts +:.Timmyyy.:+ by Strawberry-Starlyte Springtrap Lovers - Gift - by TaylorTrap622: Fangtrap by WhatTheFlup Dances are for girls, balls are for women by NUKA-C0LA Gift: Best of Friends by PinkamenaCheshirePie Commission: Nightmares by PinkamenaCheshirePie { You'll take my snuggles and like it } by candiitea { happy birthday, Jaidyn! } by Benchiiu Its Time To Play Our Game by celestial-cake Fang by lucky-em [C] - Dark Beauty by Meruumochi [Commission] Fang Trap by Soproxi aNd YoU thOugHt tHIngs cOulDn'T gEt anY WoRSe ... by CardiGirl28 Exploding With Luv by celestial-cake A FREEDOM REJOICE by AmoebaBro Gift - Fang Trap by RamaKitty101 pls by celestial-cake Hurly Burly Party by SYNESTHETIC-CANINE Art Trade- FangXUmbra by Kirbypuff326 -Christmas Gift- Fang by GingerLuck :GIFT: A Bloody Pony by MangledAnimal Neat by celestial-cake Jaidyn-Fang Trap by Jaiden-FurryWolf

Bootyful Stuffs<3<3 (4)

Call me an edgy bitch for writing this I don't FUCKING CARE. I want this DRILLED INTO THE BACK OF YOUR SKULL. Here are the reasons why...

I came here because it was AWAY from those who made fun of me. I know this place isn't private..but it was Private enough from reality. I just didnt want people from my school being on my deviantart, I know how judgemental they are. I told a few people about my Youtube channel and they've found my DeviantArt. I'm fucking terrified, honestly.
What will they think of me?
Are they gonna hurt and make fun of me?

I heard from someone that two boys whispered " Fang Trap " and began laughing.
if one of you or if both of you are reading this, yes I know.
What you said actually hurt, so thanks for making me feel so much like shit that I felt the need to physically tell people to not fucking come here. your lucky I don't say your names because I'm RESPECTFUL..
someone said "EY, JAIDYN FANG TRAP!" and i was like, oh ok, they uh..they uh, said that??? i guess i dont mind?? i mean they didn't say it disrespectfully and i actually kinda like that dude... i just hope that isnt an insult?? or ?? i dunno..

if YOUR one of those people from my school reading is now just please stop, leave, and don't come back. I can be myself here. I don't want you to know me,,I'm sorry. I know this is public but this is my safe place, where my ACTUAL friends don't judge me. If I got no safe place then where do I go? What do I do?

Your going to think of me as SICK, stupid, and a bunch of other things,, and your going to spread that rumour because your immature enough to find whatever I fucking do pretty god damn funny.

Everyone will know.
Ill be made fun of.
more and more people will do it.
ill feel less motivated to make art/animations or even talk to friends.
ill let those words sink in.
ill believe it all.
Ill feel so hurt I won't do anything anymore
and eventually if it never ends it COULD result terribly.
I won't say what those results are, because everyone knows what happens after your made fun of, and poked at for being different.. right?
fuck it, im gonna say it anyway...those results are suicide in case you didnt know. i dont feel like dying just yet, but remember that every action you do has consequences, and if one day i end up disappearing for good all because i let harmful words get to me, then shit, thats on YOU AND ME. your words made me feel useless, like i couldnt be myself, and i decided i never mattered anymore, so its both of us that would have caused that. im not dead yet. i dont want to be dead yet. so i suggest you stay away from me if all your gonna do is be a dick about it.. is there seriously a reason for hate?? i mean c'mon i know your just teens but at least be fucking mature.

im sorry.

  • Listening to: EXOTIC BUTTERS
  • Reading: The Outsiders (BEST BOOK EVER.)
  • Watching: Senpai-
  • Playing: HORROR GAMES
  • Drinking: Coffee


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Jaidyn, but call me Fang!
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Lacy Dark Red Bat by AngelicHellraiser

Thank you to :iconpsychicpie: for giving me core! You're very generous! :heart:

Lacy Dark Red Bat by AngelicHellraiser

The person I can literally trust with my life, secrets, and everything pretty much..I love her to death, i need to meet her so badly...i would just die to see this girl. shes so beautiful and talented, no wonder guys chase her! don't get any ideas, punk. this gurl is M I N E. :iconmeowth626:

Lacy Dark Red Bat by AngelicHellraiser

Best Narrator, Comedian, Voice Actor and Friend: :iconkeik-arkinshock:

Lacy Dark Red Bat by AngelicHellraiser

My DA Big Sisters: :iconladysunny16: and :iconlucky-em:

Lacy Dark Red Bat by AngelicHellraiser

:iconfoxx--winter: The bae

Lacy Dark Red Bat by AngelicHellraiser

All Rights Reserved Notice by Kezzi-Rose All Rights Reserved Notice by Kezzi-Rose All Rights Reserved Notice by Kezzi-Rose

Lacy Dark Red Bat by AngelicHellraiser

I am :iconjaidyn-fangtrap:'s second account. And for some reason someone thought it'd be a pleasant fucking idea to deactivate my account, delete my YouTube videos individually, and then delete my whole GMAIL itself (GMAIL INCLUDING YOUTUBE)

What the hell...?

Lacy Dark Red Bat by AngelicHellraiser

I only have Instagram, Tumblr (, Youtube, and obviously, DeviantArt accounts. If you see ANY other account on ANY other website IT IS NOT ME.

Names on:

Instagram: jaidynfangtrapgeroux

YouTube: Jaidyn - Fang Trap Geroux

DeviantArt:'re stalking my second account right now. x'D

Lacy Dark Red Bat by AngelicHellraiser

These people mean everything to me :iconisayplz: GO WATCH THEM! They're NOT in order!!

THE CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT (my best friends~~) : :iconshgurr::iconlunashadowbane::iconstrawberry-starlyte::icondollyfrills::iconspringbonnie87::iconabbybaynes::iconsynesthetic-canine::iconacidic-turtle::iconender11237::iconterrifyinglagomorpha::iconsoph-arts::icongingerstars::iconladysunny16: :iconsiren-guts::iconkix-kix::iconpinkamenacheshirepie::iconcardigirl28::icontaylortrap622::iconkirbypuff326::iconindasa::iconexcalibar735:

Lacy Dark Red Bat by AngelicHellraiser

My friends...You all mean everything to me! (In no order)
:iconxxdarkshadow4lifexx: :iconskelio: :iconpokemongamer78: :icongr8gecko: :iconashleyt09: :iconbear-beans: :iconmintythecatartist: :iconlunafoxi: :iconlilttemiss: :iconbeulahwolf: :iconwackyducky272: :iconstarlightartt::iconjezzycat202:

Lacy Dark Red Bat by AngelicHellraiser

These people are inspirations! Without them, I would be no where at all- <3


Lacy Dark Red Bat by AngelicHellraiser

Intuos is love .:free:. by Gamibrii I Support SAI STAMP by KittyChan12
Gimme Coffee by Sadiya OCs not for copying Stamp by DP-Stamps EDEN Stamp by ORE0S Intense Metal-fan Stamp by deadlyMETAL Markiplier: Clothespin Challenge Stamp by Oreleth Markiplier: Alpaca Hugs Stamp by Oreleth Markiplier: Think Fast by Oreleth Markiplier: Blizzcon by Oreleth PewDiePie Stamp by TwilightProwler CinnamonToastKen Stamp by Hoitaja Don't Worry About It, Cry Stamp by CryaoticConfessions Jacksepticeye: STICKY BOMB! by Oreleth Jacksepticeye: Synchronize to the End! by Oreleth Jack Stamp by Chanjar1 Jack Sparrow Stamp by RogueLottie Attack On Titan Stamp by uiopuiop Naruto Uzumaki Stamp by uiopuiop Titan Stamp by uiopuiop Cat-stamp-1 by electr0kill It Never Ends.. by electr0kill Ew People by electr0kill Giant Mushroom Stamp by uiopuiop Edward Elric Stamp by uiopuiop Boo I stamp by DeviantSith Twenty One Pilots Stamp by sharqbait Another Twenty One Pilots Stamp by sharqbait Now I Just Sit Stamp by sharqbait Porter Robinson Stamp by sharqbait Worlds Stamp by SunnStamp I Ship What I Want! - Stamp by GwenCanDrawZat Disney Stamp: Haters Gonna Hate by XxoOjunefoxOoxX Toy Story Stamp: Everywhere by XxoOjunefoxOoxX Disney Stamp - TLK 013 by hanakt Friends stamp by Meddle689 Ichigo Sword Stamp by uiopuiop Aang Stamp by uiopuiop Aang and Sokka Stamp by uiopuiop You need it. by Ramen27 Pony -Stamp- by Child-Of-Hades The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion by AquaFugit Going to Anvil Stamp by Boarfeathers Going to Bruma Stamp by Boarfeathers Fun not fame... by prosaix Never enough sleep by prosaix 24 by winterstamps 21 by winterstamps I really don't.-stamp by glovannas ehehehehe by glovannas 1254 by glovannas 1241 by glovannas kermit pls by glovannas 852 by glovannas sans. by glovannas it really does by glovannas Papyrus stamp by glovannas Sans stamp by glovannas Gay shipping stamp by glovannas Sick Fuck (Stamp) by ghoulr *SLAMS FISTS DOWN* (Stamp) by ghoulr Bad Handwriting (Stamp) by ghoulr It's Okay to Feel by Sugary-Stardust You are not God... (Stamp) by ghoulr Stamp: Make that seconds by Shiiazu Stamp: Offended by my opinions? by Shiiazu Ohh...fuck! by JustYoungHeroes Cheshire Cat by JustYoungHeroes Stamp_Trashy trashy by Chivi-chivikStampity WAHHHHH DA HETEROS MADE SHIPZ I DUN LIEK!!! uAuAuA by NummyPixels GAW KEEL YURSELPH, U NOOBEESH SEEK PHOK!!!11! by BoggyTheWorm Don't judge a book by its over by BoggyTheWorm The double standards of the pseudo-critics by BoggyTheWorm That doesn't help your cause. by World-Hero21 speaks in hands stamp [animated] by witchb0y bad dream stamp [THIS ISNT DHMIS FUCK OFF] by witchb0y please stop, i just can't.... by JustYoungHeroes Quiet Stamp by omnivore-daydreams System of a Down Stamp by TheChiza SOAD stamp by VeggieBaka-Chan 3OH!3 Stamp by SacredLugia Arrow in the Knee Stamp by SacredLugia Dont need to be popular Stamp by DragoN-FX stamp squiggle by rabid-bunny85 Sarcastic Stamp by PixieDust01 Soul Eater - Kid Stamp by CometTheMicroraptor BAKA stamp by Gezusfreek If It Makes You Happy Stamp .x by muffinonie I swear a lot - stamp by Noiry Do not judge Stamp by Noiry i lov sorf stamp by Jenkiiz fuck by glovannas Sexsi Stamp, XD by JazzaX Guitar Hero Stamp by JazzaX

Lacy Dark Red Bat by AngelicHellraiser

I'm an animator. I've always tried to when I first started drawing, but I could never draw anything so I gave up. But now..WOW..I've gotten far..

CHECK OUT MY MY YOUTUBE!! you'll see some of the work I do~ Also, if you subscribe, it's most appreciated!:…

Lacy Dark Red Bat by AngelicHellraiser

MY STORY: I'm a self-taught artist. I saw this animation for MLP called "When the ponies cry". It was a small parody of an anime and for some reason it spoke to me. I HAD to draw it for some reason. So I got paper and a pencil and I nailed the Twilight and Pinkie. I got more into art. I starting drawing Slender Man (I was always a fan of him) and cats. This was 7 years ago and it sucked. 7 years past and all I was drawing was ponies, and looking at pictures on the internet and copying them (I never traced, I think it's cheating.. You don't CHEAT art..AND I never claimed the art I copied as my own, I always said I got a picture from the internet) I realised my drawings were boring. JUST ponies?! I knew I had to do something..I came up with a style of drawing humans (Which frankly sucked) A few months passed and I realised that I should make it more like anime! When I was little I loved it. (Still do!) And then I kinda started doing Sonic style and Anthros and got onto drawing cats better. I don't know why I started drawing..but if it weren't for that video..I don't think I'd ever start..Art is a dream come true!!

Lacy Dark Red Bat by AngelicHellraiser

:iconstewiewtfplz: :iconstewiewtfplz: :iconstewiewtfplz: :iconstewiewtfplz: :iconstewiewtfplz: :iconstewiewtfplz: :iconstewiewtfplz: :iconstewiewtfplz: :iconstewiewtfplz: :iconimdedplz: :iconimdedplz: :iconimdedplz: :iconimdedplz: :iconimdedplz: :iconimdedplz: :iconimdedplz: :iconimdedplz: :iconimdedplz:
:iconohyouplz: :iconohyouplz: :iconohyouplz: :iconohyouplz: :iconohyouplz: :iconohyouplz: :iconohyouplz: :iconohyouplz: :iconohyouplz:

Lacy Dark Red Bat by AngelicHellraiser


Full Body
50 :points: per extra character.
Comes with a simple background.
50 :points: per extra character.
Comes with a simple background.
50 :points: per extra character.
Comes with a simple background.
50 :points: per extra character.
Comes with a simple background.
50 :points: per extra character.
It will be animated in a way of your choice!
Blinking, Glowing, Floating- ect.
Comes with no background, but if you want a simple one please say so.

50 :points: per extra character.
Comes with a simple background.
Soooo yeah just tell me what you want and I'll do some magic wooooOOOO I will do my best, and might shade it depending on how I feel, ;v;;
These icons take a bit- >///<


:heart: :iconcandiitea::iconjaidyn-fang-trap: :heart:

Where do I begin? You're nothing but nice, beautiful, sweet, and amazing to talk to- I can tell you anything! You're a bit of a perv- but hey- thats how some people are, and I wouldn't change you for the world <3 You bought me a 1 month core and I don't even deserve it! Whyyyy oml- ily <3
I love you so much like- DSHSHDKD I've known you for almost my whole DA life-
wait- is that a thing? x'D Sorry-dkhskhds

ANYWAYYhgh- I wanna hug you so badly and just meet you- holllyy- I will try to help you in any way I can and if you need anything I am right here!! <3
Don't every feel sad again it hurts to see you that way...You're improving all the time! Your personality, voice, and face and- HHHHHH- just everything about you is just sooo amazing!!! I couldn't think of anyone else to have as one of my best friends!

You mean everything to me! You deserve so much more love then you already have- I see there being no reason for you to even like mE BUT WHATEVER KTHEn-

We've laughed together, cried together, and had some of the greatest times together...I just wish you were actually HERE with me. I don't just want to cry with you online...I want to hug you and tell you how much you TRULY mean to me! You've helped me through the worst times I've ever had...and I want to thank you for that <3 If you didn't help me.. I don't think I'd even BE here..

I wouldn't trade you for ANYTHING! I'd even give up ART for you. Not many people would give up something that takes YEARS to do- especially if you can earn money or do so much with it. But I'd make that choice for you. Don't ever change, okay? <3

I love you smol child <3


Feb 21, 2017
10:44 pm
Feb 21, 2017
10:29 pm
Feb 21, 2017
9:22 pm
Feb 21, 2017
9:22 pm
Feb 21, 2017
8:52 pm

when your hooked on drawing something but your mom wants you to go to bed 

23 deviants said "all around me are familiar faces..."


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If you like my art feel free to check me out on InstagramTumblrFacebook or YouTube :iconasdfghbeeplz: //shamelessly advertises LOL
Jaidyn-Fang-Trap Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
OMG AAA<3 NO PROBLEM YOUR SO AMAZING!~ you deserve it!! <3<3 ill check you out on the other sites QwQ<33
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I'll hack yo computer

Gimme mother you fuking person I love

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What can I say about you?! You're beautiful, amazing and just perfect <3. You make me feel happy, positive and delighted. If anything bad would happen to you, I would cry for days or weeks. I love you too much, more than myself <3 If I could meet you in real life I would hug you forever and ever. Ily <3 Please don't leave me <3 
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